If cavity is not filled in the layer of dentine it grows deeper and reaches pulp.

If it grows rapidly [called ACUTE REACTION ] pain goes on increasing in duration [1 sec. to 2sec. to 5 …10 …. ] and ultimately there is continuous pain .

If it grows slowly [called CHRONIC REACTION ] there is no pain or occasional sensation or patient may come with swelling, it may or may not be associated with pain.

When decay reaches pulp ,pain goes on increasing in duration and ultimately there is continuous pain.

Throbbing pain in the tooth.
Swelling in the jaw.
Pain on chewing.
Pain on consuming hot and / or cold foods.
Teeth that are severely worn out.

Medicines may not work properly
Focus of infection will not go with medicines .
Infection may come again if initial treatment is only medicines .
If cavity has not reached up to the pulp, fillings can be done.
If cavity has reached up to the pulp, ROOT CANAL THERAPY is the only treatment to save the tooth.

If tooth is not treated in time it will go on breaking .
Such a tooth can not be saved and needs to be removed since it is infected 

R.C.T. can relieve pain immediately.
In R.C.T. canal in the root ( where infection is present ) is cleaned and filled to give air tight seal , so that infection should not come back again.
R.C. treated tooth needs strength since it has become brittle.
To prevent fracture of the tooth internal and external reinforcement is required.
Internal reinforcement is done in tooth colour composite resin with bonding technique.
External reinforcement is a crown.

Crowns can be metallic , acrylic , ceramic or metal free ceramic (zircinia) .
metal free ceramic crowns are the most aesthetic 
Titanium fused to ceramic are most durable and bio aesthetic one


Rotary endodontics
Sonic / sub sonic cleaning
Apex locator
Reciprocating devices


Advantages of doing root canal under microscope 

1. we can see entire canal upto root apex--- helps in perfect cleaning and shaping of canal

2. small canals , calcified canals, extra canals can be located and cleaned very easily.

3. necessary for retreating failed root canals.


when OZONE is used in root canal treatment gives success and prevent secondary infection or failure of root canal treatment

Advantages of ozone 

1. Ozone can kill any microorganism in 10 -20 sec. this ensures complete sterilization of complex root canal system which is necessary for success.

2. if canals are not cleaned properly then bacteria like E. faecalis can stay for many years ( live without food and oxygen for hundreds of years )and when conditions become favourable grow luxuriously to give secondary infections.

this bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics and very difficult to remove with normal root canal cleaning and shaping procedures.

Ozone can kill this bacteria very easily giving success in retreatment cases .


  • DentalMicroscope
  • Ozone
  • OPG
  • Intra Oral welding
  • Lasers
  • Root Canal under Microscope
  • Implants
  • Laminates
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Advance Treatments
  • Sinus Graftings
  • Ridge split for Atrophic bone
  • Treatment of Wear
  • Myofunctional Therapy
Special Attention
  • Implants
  • Root canal treatment
  • Orthodontics
  • Aesthetics
  • Full mouth Rehabilitation