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Dental Implants

Implant is a fixture or simply a titanium root which is inserted in the jaw bone to give support to artificial teeth  

1. Implants can be put to replace single missing tooth .

2. When posterior teeth [ molars , premolars ] are missing , it becomes only way to give fixed teeth .

3. When patient is not having any teeth , only way to give fixed teeth .

4. Additional support and better retention in complete denture patients .


1. Biting forces get directed to the bone , resulting in ,

a. increased biting capacity

b. bone gets stimulation so least bone [which is a seat ] loss over a period of years

c. better patience compliance .

2. Teeth can be arranged for better aesthetics .

3. Sometimes it is the only option to give fixed teeth . We are born with fixed teeth in our mouth , so fixed teeth are easily accepted .

4.increased support for artificial teeth. So natural teeth are less or normal loaded by biting force , which increases their life .

5.Implants can't show decay or pain.


1. COST : Cost of implant compared to other treatment options is more . But cost is a relative term .

2. Time required to complete the treatment is relatively more .With latest technique time is considerably reduced. (sometimes same day)


After proper diagnosis , treatment plan is given to the patient which will satisfy his desires and needs and give predictable long term results.

Then implants are placed surgically into the jaw bone. Procedure is done under local anaesthesia and antibiotic cover. Analgesics are given to control pain if any. Procedure is painless. In most of the cases there will be no post operative pain or swelling , even if, it can be controlled very easily with analgesics .

After suitable time period (from 1 day to 6-8 months) implants will be loaded with suitable prosthesis.

Regular check ups are necessary for good oral health.

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